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Travel safe, comfortable and with the luxury you deserve.

Enjoy with us the comfort and exclusivity of our VIP private services no matter what you needs are. For your safe and comfort, we provide the service of private driver. All our drivers have federal licenses, medical certificates, and ensure to always give you an excellent service.

If you want an exclusive service, don’t hesitate to book with us. We have new units to suit your needs and your budget. All our drivers have federal licenses and undergone medical examinations to certify their health. As well as all of our units are regulated by the Ministry of Communications and Transport, to assure you that we provide not only the best service, also the safest and accessible in the city. We have the necessary permits to offer you the service you need, as well as traveler's insurance to take care of you always.

The units have exclusive amenities to have a pleasure travel since your arrival. Don´t worry about the heat, all the cars have air conditioner and water.

The VIP service is not only unique to individual customer, we also provide the same service to large and small groups.

You can contact us and we will attend you, also may request a quotation and we will gladly provide the information, because PUERTO VALLARTA DISCOVERY is here to serve you.